Kim to give an invited lecture at American Composite Manufacturers Association

Kim (9-12)-WEBJimmy Kim, associate professor in civil engineering, was invited by the American Composite Manufacturers Association (ACMA) to deliver a lecture at an upcoming ACMA specialty conference (Corrosion, Mining, and Infrastructure). The 45-minute talk will be center around his recent research findings as to advanced composite materials for infrastructure applications with emphasis on carbon fiber reinforced polymers for structural rehabilitation. Kim’s primary research interests encompass sustainable infrastructure rehabilitation, intelligent structural systems, and science-based structural engineering. Kim chairs the American Concrete Institute Committee 345 (Concrete Bridge Construction, Maintenance, and Repair), consisting of 49 members, and serves as a member of editorial board of three international journals in his area of expertise.

ACMA is the composites industry’s largest trade group in the world. The Association consists of approximately 3,000 companies with a half-million people in all 50 states. ACMA advocates for the interests of the composites community, proactively and positively affecting regulatory and legislative outcomes on a wide range of policy issues, including energy and environment, worker health/safety, trade policy and job creation.

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