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Jacob Altholz, an undergraduate student, has recently been awarded the UROP grant

Jacob Altholz, an undergraduate student in the University of Colorado Denver’s Bioengineering program, has recently been awarded the UROP grant, a grant given out to help students pursue their research interests in any field of study.

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program funds around thirty projects each year in any and all fields of study, ranging from engineering to the arts. It is hoped that through this program, students will receive a deeper understanding of methodologies in all aspects of research. Jacob Altholz will be working in Dr. Richard Weir’s lab, helping to design and construct a new functioning finger prosthetic in the hopes of simplifying existing prostheses and allowing for a more natural range of motion. This project is a portion of Dr. Weir’s much larger goal of developing fully functioning and comprehensive upper-limb prostheses.

Jacob is extremely excited to begin work with Dr. Weir and hopes that he can make a meaningful impact on the project.




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