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Sean Hansen Brings Together Engineering and Social Justice

Since a young age Sean Hansen knew that he wanted to do something with engineering or medicine. After taking a gap semester high school, he enrolled at Front Range Community College where he became a tutor and a teacher assistant. And then he discovered CU Denver’s first-of-its kind bioengineering program. 

“I’m a problem solver. I love the process of having a problem and figuring out what the possible solutions could be,” said Hansen. “Bioengineering is kind of a combination. Medicine and engineering, it’s perfect.” 

CU Denver was his top choice for many reasons; finances, close to home, and an amazing program. His involvement varies from teaching and tutoring to developing an engineering outreach program called BEEP (Bioengineering Empowerment Program). 

Hansen states that his goal is to, “empower other people so that they can do what they think is right.” 

While attending protests this summer, he and his bioengineering peers realized that in order to create a real change something had to be done. Civil unrest, diversity, injustice, representation, stereotypes are many obstacles that individuals face within STEM and engineering areas. The result a 15-page proposal to expand engineering, medicine, and STEM resources to individuals in high school and the establishment of BEEP. Through this program he hopes to educate and expose others to education in every moment of their lives. 

Hansen is currently finishing his senior year while starting his master’s degree in bioengineering with a focus on neuroplasticity and the nature of learning. He is still undecided about whether he wants to enter the industry or continue in academia and become a dean. 

With regards to BEEP, his end goal is to develop scholarships, foster passion, and create more opportunities that will lead to university programs, scholarships, and internships for students. He hopes the program will continue to grow and thrive, even after he completes his studies. 

by Diddiery Santana, student writer & communications major

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