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College exceeds goals with new mentorship program

CUITC_4D_5190_RT-croppedBeginning in fall 2019, the CU Denver College of Engineering, Design and Computing launched a peer mentor program to assist incoming first-year and transfer students with the transition into the college. To date, more than 110 first-year students have been matched with upper class student mentors, exceeding the program goal of 100.  Student mentees and mentors have exchanged nearly 900 text messages through the Mentor Collective platform.

Studies show that peer-mentored students tend to have better retention rates and significantly less risk of falling into academic probation. Students are matched based on area of study, interests, needs and preferences. Once paired up, they are committed to partnering for the year. All new incoming undergraduates were invited to take part of the program.

“We want to connect students to create a sense of belonging for every student in the college and to foster students helping each other to achieve their goals in and out of the classroom,” said Keith Jones, associate dean of student initiatives.

Interested? Visit our mentorship website to learn more or to sign up.

What students are saying:

“My mentee is very smart and will do well in his classes completely without me. We are talking about advanced topics quickly, even about resumes and internships.” – mentor

“I’m excited to get more involved with my academic career and get to know more about my future career options.” – mentee

“… I want to bring people into the community where they can find not only me as a support system. I want to be the person I needed semesters ago.” – mentor

“I’m really excited to get advice about my program from someone who is in my program.” –  mentee

“I know that being a student at CU Denver can be difficult and confusing. I know because I’ve overcome many difficulties myself but was lucky enough to find the right mentors. After starting my academic career in Seoul, and now back in Denver starting a business, I hope I can help mentees reach their goals and make their dreams come true” – mentor

“My mentor helped me to approach researchers to join their labs” – mentee

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At the CU Denver College of Engineering, Design and Computing, we focus on providing our students with a comprehensive engineering education at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level. Faculty conduct research that spans our five disciplines of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, bioengineering, and computer science and engineering. The college collaborates with industry from around the state; our laboratories and research opportunities give students the hands-on experience they need to excel in the professional world.

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