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The Gibson Biophotonics Lab

The Gibson Biophotonics Lab  was awarded several grants this past fiscal year; a UF1 together with affiliate faculty member Diego Restrepo, for the amount of $2,990,152 for development of miniature photonics devices for neural imaging in freely-moving mice navigating an odor plume.  The lab was also awarded an R01 for $2,977,123 for a joint project with the Weir Biomechatronics lab for bidirectional optical stimulation and recording of the vagus nerve to understand cardiac neural circuits.  Additionally, Tarah Welton, a PhD student in the lab, was awarded a CO OEDIT grant in the amount of $150,000 for her work on a clinical optical device for assisting neurosurgeons.  The lab put out 2 publications (1,2) with 2 currently under review.  The lab is hosting the Rocky Mountain Summit on Wearable Miniature Microscopes (link:  sponsored by the National Science Foundation to be held online August 19-20. 

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