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New graduate track combines hydrologic, environmental, and sustainability engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver is delighted to announce their latest graduate track in Hydrologic, Environmental, and Sustainability Engineering (HESE). This new track brings together faculty and students with a shared passion to understand and manage various cycles that define our relationship with the earth: the water cycle, the energy cycle, and the carbon cycle. Understanding and managing these cycles is a grand challenge of our time, and faculty are excited to welcome graduate students at all levels—master of engineering, master of science, and doctor of philosophy.

Why consider the HESE track at CU Denver? Several points distinguish the HESE track from other programs:

First, HESE supports the unique mission of CU Denver’s College of Engineering, Design and Computing, with increased emphasis on design and computing. For example, HESE offers graduate design courses on pipe networks and on stormwater management, and HESE faculty use cutting-edge computational tools to process environmental data, perform optimization, and model hydrologic systems.

Second, HESE faculty share the unique perspective of complex systems science. For example, Allison Goodwell, PhD,  applies information theory to environmental systems; Arun Karunanithi, PhD, uses ideas from adaptation and resilience in life-cycle analysis; and David Mays, PhD, uses fractals and chaos to conceptualize flow through porous media (filters, soils, and aquifers).

Third, for working graduate students, HESE offers practical advantages as part of CU Denver’s location on the Auraria Campus. With most graduate courses offered in the evening, and a central location accessible by foot from Lower Downtown (LoDo) and Upper Downtown (UpDo) and by lightrail from surrounding suburbs, we are Colorado’s best bet for working professionals in metropolitan Denver seeking top-notch engineering graduate education.

Looking for more information? Please visit the HESE website, which includes academic program details and contact information for HESE faculty. In the next few weeks, we will be opening enrollment for fall 2020 courses, where prospective graduate students may enroll through nondegree admissions.

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