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Spring 2021 Capstone Expo Winners and Recap

More than 170 students and 33 teams participated in the Spring 2021 Virtual Capstone Expo. Projects civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering and computer science and engineering tackled real-world problems and provided technical and sophisticated solutions representative of the culmination of students’ engineering education. From improving access to a state park to developing solutions and fabrications Mars rovers, to developing contact tracing apps and ways to economically measure snowpack, the projects did not disappoint. All projects are posted on

A team of 10 judges reviewed and evaluated the projects on factors like the ability to formulate and solve engineering problems and design specific solutions, and to communicate and work as a team. Based on the numerical rankings, an overall winner and winner from each discipline were selected. All winning teams receive cash prizes made possible by Don and Karen White.

The winners of the Spring 2021 Virtual Capstone Expo are:

Overall: Stayin’ Alive CPR Training App   

Judge’s comments: Well Done.   I really enjoyed viewing this project and the final product.  Not only does this project successfully demonstrate a very useful tool for real world applications but seeing the effort and cross discipline was great.  Lots of complex data analysis combined into a polished user interface and functioning prototype. 

Civil Engineering: Antelope Springs Methodist Church Revival  

Judge’s comments: Presentation was clear and concise – well executed project! 

Computer Science: Intelligent Recreation System 

Judge’s comments: Great Job.   This project tackled an appealing and relevant problem in the world today, especially here in Colorado.  This team demonstrated a solid skillset along with an intriguing use of machine learning and/or AI skills to produce a cohesive and well polished product.  The project was also presented well and appears to be ready to roll out, or near to it. Well done, and I hope that it garners the interest of local Land Managers for real world use.    

Electrical Engineering: Snowpack Accumulation Measurement System 

Judge’s comments: Great job overall. Would like to see a proposal on how this would be used in the field.  

Mechanical Engineering: RocketLynx Hybrid Rocket Propulsion System 

Judge’s comments: This project presented an intriguing approach to a rocket engine design.  I appreciated the amount of testing, data collection and analysis that was presented in the project report.   This showed an effort to properly validate and support the design decisions.   I was also pleased to see the control system, material selection and the analysis following the hot fire failure.  These all reiterate the well versed skills of the team.   Well done.       

Multidisciplinary Winner: Sensor Placement Air Force Research Lab Design

Competition Judge’s comments: This project presents a novel solution to a complex problem.  The innovative design using ground based travel with an onboard flight capable device to deploy the sensor adds a great amount of versatility in use.   It was also great to see the organized Design Methodology employed and the amount of concept testing that was done.  It was great to see a unique project executed successfully. Well done.

Congratulations to all our students on a job well done.

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