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Ogle brings industry experience, accomplishments to the classroom


In fall 2020, Dave Ogle joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering as professor. Ogle’s interest in engineering started with the development of the internet, which gave him the opportunity to do fundamental work in computer networking. Prior to joining academia, he spent 26 years  at IBM, bringing with him an array of professional accomplishments including five major IBM awards.

Ogle was named an IBM Master Inventor in 2006, where he was responsible for  tutoring and mentoring up and coming inventors. In 2009, he was named an IBM Distinguished Engineer. This in itself is an accomplishment, but Ogle remembers it clearly by saying, “I was the first and only person to become appointed distinguished engineer while being a software test engineer.” In recognition of his long-lasting contributions to IBM, he was elected into the IBM Academy of Technology in 2010.

Ogle worked with teams across the globe, including peer executives and C-Suite executives at various IBM customer accounts to help set the direction of his division and of the company.

At CU Denver, Ogle teaches Fundamentals in Computing (Python), Introduction to Software Engineering, and Introduction to Computer Networks. His goal is to give students the opportunity to learn and to facilitate that learning. He starts each semester with a quote from Benjamin Franklin: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Ogle goes into every class prepared, energetic, and knowledgeable of the material. He hopes to share that enthusiasm with the students so that they will want to learn; not be forced to learn.

“I want to take my experiences and share them with the next generation,” he said. Ogle hopes that by sharing and applying the skills he acquired through hands-on industry experience, his students will become better engineers. “I want to teach students how to apply computer science across other disciplines.”

With so many contributions and achievements, Ogle sets himself apart as a professor by living up to his reputation as “do-er.”  He doesn’t just talk about doing something, he does it, and he is always open to hearing from his students when they come to him with new ideas or inventive projects.  Ogle himself has written software that is used daily and has received more than 50 U.S. patents. His hands-on experience provides a personal connection to his students as they are continuing their education and preparing for a career in the engineering field.

Ogle attended Ohio State University where he earned his BS, MS, and PhD degrees in computer science. He enjoys spending time in the mountains with his family, hiking, skiing, and biking, enjoying all Colorado has to offer.

Photo: Dave Ogle, second from right, with his three sons and his wife

By: Laura Quantz, student writer & communications major

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