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DI Methodology Handbook makes DI available to all

A decades-long project and collaboration concluded earlier this month with the publication of The Design Innovation (DI) Methodology Handbook, Embedding Design in Organisations. The DI Methodology Handbook is a collaboration between University of Colorado Denver, Comcast Media and Technology Center, and Singapore University of Technology and Design.

The DI Methodology Handbook was developed to bring DI to individuals, students, teams, organizations and more, and to make DI a foundational set of skills and mindsets. The handbook integrates distinctive approaches to human-centered design and business-model innovation and includes aspects of systems thinking, among other things. The team chose to distribute the handbook as an open-source publication, making the approaches and methods available to anyone.

“The approach of DI we created is for everyone—all demographics of the human world,” said Kristin Wood, co-developer of the DI Methodology Handbook and senior associate dean for innovation and engagement in the College of Engineering, Design and Computing. “We want this to be at people’s fingertips so that they can make it into what they want.”

The DI Methodology Handbook is currently used in collaboration projects within the Comcast Media and Technology Center, for undergraduate and graduate-level DI courses within the College of Engineering, Design and Computing, and in various co-curricular programs. Moving forward, Wood intends to implement the methods outlined in the handbook to establish certificate programs and a master’s degree option.

Currently, the Comcast Media and Technology Center offers multiple skills-based DI courses, workshops and bootcamps to help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their DI aspirations. These offerings are designed specifically to help various roles in DI projects and can be customized to address specific needs and context. 

The Design Innovation (DI) Methodology HandbookEmbedding Design In Organisations. ISBN: 978-981-18-1207-1. Developed and Designed by Carlye Lauff, Wee Yu Hui, Kenneth Teo, Sabrina Png, Amanda Swee, Arianne Collopy, Brandon Vargas, and Kristin L. Wood.

Download your copy here.

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